Ann Autrey from Yuma, 98 years old, flew to Texas and is dancing at her granddaughter's wedding at 4 wks post femur fracture and anterior hip replacement. From the entire family, we can't thank you enough for making this possible!

-Larry (son)

Richard Lund

I had my right knee replaced by Doc Ahmed. 90% pain free. 1 year later knee is still pain free and perfect!

-Richard Lund

Pete Bellinger

Replaced right knee December 2015, Left knee February 2015. Feel like a new man; walk a mile every morning and bike ride as well. Dr. Ahmed is the best!

-Pete Bellinger


I had developed swelling on my hip which had been replaced 10 years ago. Dr. Ahmed diagnosed and performed two surgeries for a hip revision which brought me back to where I want it to be. He is excellent in explaining exactly what he is going to have to do and why but more importantly he knows how to do it well. If you’re looking for someone with lots of experience A great bedside caring manner and someone who really loves what he does this is the physician to use.

-Eunice Conine Scottsdale, Az


Dear Dr. Ahmed,

Thank you for your care and compassion provided to me during my recent surgeries involving my left and right hips. I am much healthier now because of your medical expertise and perfection.

I am presenting you with this American flag. In 2007, I carried this flag with me during major combat operations against enemy forces in and around Baghdad, Iraq. These combat operations were conducted by U.S. and Coalition Forces.

I am a disabled U.S. Army veteran and retired federal Special Agent having over 30 years of service to our great country. I was the first On-Scene Commander and Special Agent-in-Charge of the ICCTF in Baghdad, Iraq, as well as the Supervisory Special Agent of more than a dozen Operations, including Operations Lebachie-Catapult, Window-Kobalt and Pitch-Fork.

I had multiple surgeries on my right hip and was in bad shape until you took over the care of my unfortunate orthopedic injuries. You are the best doctor I have had care for me. It was not until then that I began to truly heal. Thanks again.

-Thomas Barnes

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